Wednesday, October 1, 2014

W= Creative Workspace : Ideas for your Working Space

Sometimes working at home brings peace, as you don't have to engage with annoying co-workers. I mean, sometimes it's great to work in a office with people around you, cause you can bounce ideas of each other. But sometimes, in mine case, I don't want to see nobody in the morning when I'm sitting at my desk. But I think if you really love what you do, but your working space isn't inspiring, well that will bring some "I can't stand you" looks. That's why I really do love to work at home with my husband (on my own stuff or together with him on his stuff). Our home office isn't completely as I would wanted yet (that's why it's not displayed yet for the public's eyes). But don't you just get so many ideas from other great work spaces around you (or the web)? Let's get some ideas from the working folks around us with amazing working spaces. 

A Beautiful Mess offices

This custom made desk is from A Beautiful Mess office space. It was build in a way that 6 people can sit around it. This is really a great way to work with co-workers. And I mean working around a table like this, your co-workers must be some amazing, creative and fun people to work with, otherwise it can be annoying and your closer to them so you can slap them easily.


What I really love about this office above is actually the door/windows behind the desk. I mean how amazing when you need some eye-break from your computer, you enter your garden to think, eat or drink? Aaaammmaaaziinnnnggg. All the white elements makes this space also bigger. I'm once again in love with the Eames shell chair. I did say that I was going to buy them (replica of the replica of the replica ) here on the island, but when I finally went I didn't like them anymore. Maybe they look a bit to fake. BUT...that doesn't mean that one day I will buy them (the original). I eventually bought another cute white hard-plastic chairs for the home office.

What also is a great way to inspire yourself for some everyday work is to put some words on the wall. It may be inspiring or just funny words that makes your day.

Clarke Harris: Work Hard Stay Humble via Design Work Life | Love the hand lettered wall installation!
Do what you love every day!
strung-up lighting

Really love the words on the end: Freelance AIN'T FREE
Got that right.

So there you have so ideas to copy paste in your own working space. Do you have a great space to share? Please, do send.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Home Tour : Light and Airy

Don't you just fancy other people's home when it's put together in a great way? One thing I really love about this home is the basic colors like white, grey, wood-color coming together in a light and airy feeling. The idea of making a kids room not direct a kids room is genius. You will have less problem changing the room when the child gets older. Painting everything white like the walls, floor and even the ceiling will make your space look very spacious. I'm kind of scared of white everywhere, I prefer light grey, but in this home it just looks amazing. And how about the green painted closet in one of the child's room? I say : Two Thumbs Up!


This home is published in the new VT Wonen Magazine - October 2014 issue. Check it out for the whole story, how they made this house their home.

Source: vtwonen

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monday Pins Inspiration : Moooi Random Lights

And it's Monday again. I'm so not friends with Monday and even more that my Sunday past so quickly. That's why I really love my pins inspirations. It keeps the day clear and inspired for the week. Today I wanted to share the Random Lights of Moooi. Moooi is a dutch brand with some unique, artistic pieces in their collection. But I total fell in love with the Random Lights a few years ago when they were put in an office, which I co-designed. Such simplicity but great beauty these lights have. It was designed by designer Bert-Jan Pot. Check them out here, placed in some beautiful spaces. 

Moooi Random Light at Unexpected Welcome   Showroom in London 

Ok...beside the about about that huge wall clock? Isn't it amazing?! That would be such a subject for many conversations in your home. And with a clock like, I couldn't be late for an appointment ever again.

Tafel Keijser & Co verkrijgbaar bij Molitli Interieurmakers
Moooi Amsterdam
Sofa -- the home of designer Natasja Molinaar -- Photography: Paul Grootes

Check my Pinterest for more of the collection of Moooi.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Weekend Action

So, it's finally Friday and I've been not feeling well for 2 days. Been at home for 2 days and didn't have the strength to post on the blog either. Feeling better today and kind of happy that I only have one workday left of this week.And thank God that day is Friday. So what do you have planned for the weekend? If you're planning to do nothing, I guess you might...

lol - its the gateway drug to no sex. i think i laugh for an hour after i heard this one. thanks for a laugh my dear friend donna



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Home Tour : San Francisco apartment with Scandinavian touch

Today we're going to take a look around the lovely home of blogger, french girl Si from French By Design. She's lives in the city of San Francisco (yesss...someday someday) and if you are a follower of her blog, you know she has a big love for Scandinavian style. So if she got a inspired blog, don't you think she has a home that relates to her blog? I mean she's rocking my favorite Eames chair in her office. And the nook for the bookcase is such a great way not to clutter all your books around the house. Si....two thumbs up!!

office3 frenchbydesign blog wm 

Photos are taken by photographer Radostina Bosseva.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Pins Inspiration: Lovely Interiors

What a day, what a day, I had a great weekend getaway. What a fun weekend I had with friends in Aruba. We laughed, eat, drank and got to know each other a little bit better. Life is great when you got great friends to share it with. But coming back home is also a great feeling so today I'm sharing some loving home interiors inspiration I found from this amazing interior & food photographer, Jonny Valiant. His travel photographs makes me jump into a plane again. ;-)

This white bathroom is such a lovely space to get some alone time. The huge window with the white curtains, sparkling white mosaic tile floor, the marble wall tiles and the bathtub will give this home surely a big bang for their money. Very nicely done.
Happy Monday Ya'll.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Weekend Action

What a day, what a day....I'm ready for my weekend getaway!!
If you had a stressed week, it's time now to...

Happy Weekend ya'll!!

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