Friday, April 24, 2015

Update : JENPEN POP-UP 2015

I finally know where I'm going to stand with my pop-up this Monday, April 27th. There will be activities all day all over the island of Curacao, but the place to be, without a doubt, is always in PUNDA. And this year Pietermaai District has expanded their market to the Pietermaaiweg. And guess where I'm standing? can find me at stand 22 in the Pietermaaiweg, just infront of the Cafe Old Dutch. We've got some new cool products, like bags from House Doctor, handcrafted cards, hand-made wrapping paper, cool word prints, wine bags and home decor pieces. We've also got some second hand products, like cute baby clothes, home decor pieces and many more.

For every Nafl.25,- you spent, you will get a cool old school R&B CD as a gift. So the more you buy, the more music you will get to dance through  memory lane.

Come down to Pietermaai District in Punda and support the local sellers and crafters or just say hello.

Monday I'll be standing all day in Pietermaai, so I'll be back on the blog on Tuesday. 

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see on Monday at my POP-UP stand ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Travel : Granada, Nicaragua

I was browsing through a magazine in a bookstore yesterday (I totally forgot which magazine it was, I'm sorry) and my eyes got some love from a picture of a hotel in Nicaragua. So for this Thursday Travel, we are heading to Nicaragua. The hotel I loved was called Tribal Hotel. This lovely boutique hotel is located in Granada. It's a small hotel where the beauty of the culture is combined in the design of the hotel. Let's take a look where we can rest our heads.


I mean seriously, how can you not love this? The interior design of this boutique hotel is spot on. I want my outside porch to look like that. Traveling opens your mind to so much ideas for interior designing ideas. 

After some resting, I'm heading out to see what is out there. Let's see what Soy Nica has in store for us. This is a shop which has some beautiful leather hand-made bags, pursues, key-chains and so on. Who doesn't need a good leather bag that can come in every size and color? I do.

It seems after  some shopping and  meeting new people, you have to go to The Garden Cafe. And if I must believe Trip Advisor, The Garden Cafe is one of the best places to eat in Granada. 

garden cafe granada nicaragua guide to travel food

I'm a salad freak, so this is definitely my place to enjoy Granada even more. Have you ever been to a country in Central America? When looking at the pictures of Granada online and reading stories about people doing Fair Trade business, it kind of let me go back to Mexico in my mind. It was really a wonderful place to visit and the people were also very friendly. So that will let me think that you will get the same vibe in Granada, Nicaragua. 

Hope you had fun exploring Granada with me. Till next week for another adventure.

source: Tribal Hotel / Soy Nica / The Garden Cafe & TGC food

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home tour: White, Grey and Simple

Today I'm going to take you on a tour in a lovely home that is on the market at Fantastic Frank. This lovely home is located in Stockholm. It has 1 bedroom and it is 42 square meters. Once again the white walls let the space seems so much bigger. The wooden floor gives the space a warm feeling. The granite color back-splash in the kitchen, makes that wall pop all kind of awesomeness.

Once again we see that you don't need a big space to live grand. Just a look outside those windows and it can give you a "I'm on top of the world" kind of feeling. The splashes of green here and there of the plants do give the space the color it needs. Such a simple peaceful home. What do you like about this home? Would you go for it?

Monday, April 20, 2015

JenPen PoPuP 2015

Can you believe it's Monday already? So quickly. But let me start the week on a positive note with some news. One week from today on the 27th of April, I'll be popping up in the up and going part of our downtown, Pietermaai District. Next week we will be having a national day off because of Kings Day and I'll be selling some lovely home decor pieces, handmade greeting cards, lovely bags from House Doctor and much more. 

It's like a huge party with music, food and allot of different stands with lovely things to buy. So if you happen to be on the island of Curacao, pass by Pietermaai District and come support our local artists and sellers. 

The exact location of where I'm going to stand will follow soon this week on the blog.

Come say HELLO...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Weekend Action

I'm going to be really short on this one today, because I'm tired as hell. 
So I'm suggesting for this weekend....


Think I'm going to burn-out soon, so I definitely going to pick up on my own suggestion.
I wish you a lovely weekend and hope you have some great plans to make it a greater one.

Have a good one :)

source : quote

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Travel : RE-CAP MEXICO TRIP

It's Thursday Travel and I'm wanted to re-cap my Mexico trip I did in January of this year. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we decided to take a trip to Cancun. Eventually we didn't stay in Cancun. Our resort was between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. We did an exchange with out timeshare for a week at the Mayan Palace, but got an upgrade to The Grand Mayan. There are 5 resorts on this complex of Vidanta and the great thing was that Cirque du Soleil was just in front of the resort. That was one beautiful place to enjoy and see the show. It was our first time ever seeing a Cirque du Soleil show and it was really worth it.

We rented a car for one day and drove to the town of Playa del Carmen. While driving on the highway, we came pass this little boutique called La Casa Azul. See here what lovely stuff they have. We decided to rent a car the next day again and went to Cancun Tourist Downtown. We drove by the hotels strip and eventually came where there was a mall with some lovely clothing and souvenirs. We kind of got lost when we drove into the Local Downtown. So we didn't do much there and just drove back.

We took 2 tours: One To the ruins of Tulum, where OH MY GOD there was an invasion of iguanas. Everywhere you look they were lying there and they were huge. The ones here on the island are smaller and greener. These ones looked like smaller version of a dragon you might see in a Disney movie. I'm seriously afraid of those animals, so I was lucky that they were just enjoying the sun and became lazy by it.
After seeing the ruins, we enjoyed some lunch and street artists show. After that we got a tour at Lapis, a rug palace. See more about that here.

The second tour we took was to Isla Mujeres. We got picked up at the resort and drove to downtown Cancun, where we jumped on a catamaran and went over to the island. We got to see more of the sea that the island itself. When we got there, we rented a golf-cart and drove around a bit. Time was very short so we couldn't see nearly as much as we wanted to see. They say you can see Isla Mujeres in a day and we ONLY got 3 hours. Very little time, but there are hotels located on the island, so there is always a possibility to stay there.

Well, that was my re-cap of my Mexico trip. It was really the most fun my husband and I ever had on a trip. We had good food, met wonderful people and most of the days a pretty good weather. It is on our list to explore the other cities of Mexico. Acapulco maybe?

Have you ever been to Mexico? What was your experience?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Assignment 03: Elements in the interior

I'm back with another assignment, which I got an A+ again. I'm on a roll here.

The purpose of this assignment was to draw a pan to scale 1:50 and showing all the elements that are occurring in the selected area. This time I choose our office space at home.

Part of the assignment was to draw a plan with all the electrical elements in the room. We've got 4 spotlights, 4 double electrical sockets of 127V (volt), 1 electrical socket of 220V, 1 light switch, 1 internet & TV connection point and the electricity meter cupboard is built-in the wall.

The first idea for this room was that it would be a TV-room. That was my husbands idea. My idea was for it to be a guestroom. So now we are not watching TV nor are we taking in guests, because the room is our office space.

My husband is also an electrician, so this plan was easy to do.

Another part of the assignment was to name all the architectural elements. So we've got 2 large windows that are each divided in 3 small windows. They are wood-color aluminum shutter windows. This is the room (we only got two rooms) with air-conditioning and ofcourse a wooden door to get into the room.

As you can see, drawing the location of the furniture was also part of the assignment. All of the furniture in this room was bought at IKEA. We did a bit of a hacking with the desks to get them they way we wanted them.

The last part of the assignment was to show the orientation in the room. From your entrance to your desks and windows. There shouldn't be any disturbance in your walking lines in the room.

So that is it. It was easy task actually, but it will let your mind work a little to plan everything down. Check out the other two assignments here and here.

P.s. the words in the images are dutch, as the assignments are in dutch and I didn't have the time to change everything in English (I'm sorry, but it's very easy to follow, right?!)
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