Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday's Creative DIY Workspot

I'm loving the sharing of the creative do-it-yourself workspots and I found another totally no-cost to do desk. This one is completey made of wooden pallets and so easy to do. First, head to your local hardware store or any store for that matters that uses pallets to carry their products on. Secondly clean up the pallets. Maybe they were used to carry food products and you don't want small insects or whatever coming in your home with the pallets. Lastly, put it together and fasten it to the wall. For an extra touch, you can paint it white or which ever color you would like.

They've created here storage space for books. I love how they added a simple chair to the spot. It all depends ofcourse how much space you need for your working area. Soooo...if you in need for a space but have little to no money, this is a great do it yourself working spot. How do you like it? Would you make a desk like this? Share you comments in the section below.

source: peculiarmee

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Lookouts

It's Friday and it's going to be a busy one for me. I had a fun but busy week being part of the "Ban Lesa" (Let's Read) project of our local public library Biblioteka Nashonal Korsou Frank Martinus Arion. I've visited several schools and met lots of kids. It was truly a pleasure to work with the author Migarda Raphaela. She brought the story she told so to live, it was amazing to watch and it was great to assist her in the story. Today I'll be heading again into the studios of our local TV station as I'm going to re-shoot my interview I did with "Arte pa Tur". I'm excited for that one again. But before all that, let's get into our Friday Lookouts.

From top and then from left to right

1. Today I'm sending some blog-love to the lovely ms. Bunny. Isn't the name already so cute that you have to love her? Entering her blog you'll get some awesome desktop wallpapers and cool mix-tapes music tips. And if you want some tips on how to style your home for the fall, you've got to check her latest blog post. Enter her Bunny Wanderland. Mrs.'s some blog love for you.

2. Check out the my Wednesday DIY workspot. Always a good way to have a great spot to work at when you don't have allot of space at home.

3. These are some cute ankle boots.

4. I'm loving this loft style work space. One small space but with great styling.

5. Add some color in the kitchen.

6. Great styling idea for when you're having a party dinner at home.

Wishing you all a exciting and if possible relaxed weekend. Till next week. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday's Creative DIY Workspot

Last week, I showed you a great way to design your desk area. So, I'm going back to another great way to DIY your desk area, adding again great storage ideas. When you have a small apartment or home, but you need a home office and that one spare bedroom is already planned out for another concept. But look at here.

A Home For Family and Friends In The Northern Beaches of Sydney | Design*Sponge:

This "home office" is just right when you don't need allot of space but still want a desk, that's not the dining table. You can get this idea by adding two ladders, open them and let adding some shelving. You can buy a cheap desktop at IKEA and Voila, your workspot is done. Add some personal items and some lovely plants and baby you are reading to work and be an inspiration for others.

Do you have the same dilemma at home? How do you like this working spot?

source: design sponge

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Lookouts

It's Friday already and I had a busy and excited week. Beside that I made my first official client happy, I'm getting more projects to do interior styling. I'm happy to see myself grow and be my own boss. Next week and the week after that I'll be having some busy times as I'm going to be part of program for kids called "Ban Lesa" which means "Let's read". It's an initiative from our local Public National Library Korsou and I'm happy to be a part of this to help kids learn the importance of reading books. But I'll be going into that more the coming weeks. So lets get in to the Friday Lookouts & Blogloves.

From top and then left to right

1. This is one of those blogs that I really love. Beside her blog, Soraya has her own business. She does photography, interior design & styling. She also has her own webstore. How cool is that? She's now traveling Egypt to find more beautiful pieces to add to her collection. And she's also from Egypt, so she's at her second home right now. So please go check out her blog, called Binti Home. Soyara, I salute you!

2. Check out the DIY working area I posted last wednesday.

3. Loving these Converse sneakers and how about that backdrop?!! 

4. Lights anyone?

5. The simplicity of this kitchen has taken my breath away. 

6. This is one store beautifully photographed. I love that's it's very simple, but yet very elegant.

 Sounds strange in English, but if you read in in dutch (cause it's in dutch) it makes lots of sense.

Have a great weekend you guys!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Creative wokspace : DIY your desk area

Working from home is fun as you can move around and be your own in your space. But sometimes that lovely workspace you see others have, with that awesome beautiful desk (but oh so expensive) and build-in cabinets for storage that you want so bad, isn't really something you can afford from the start. In my case we saved a bit of cash to have a home office. It was in the plans from the start, so I bought some (cheap) chairs, that eventually I would have to change because they are not totally comfy. But for now they will do. And our desk and storage cabinet are from the awesome IKEA. I rearrange the desks in a way that we had more space. Buuuttt...going back on the ones that don't have that, they need to be creative.

Desk made from old wooden crates:

Seriously, this image above is a great way to save on money, but still have an awesome work space. As you can see you can use wooden boxes that you can find at your local grocery store. You can put together some wooden boards or even an old door , to use as a desk. This is such a great idea especially if you are in giving things a second life. Adding a cool rug, a comfy chair you're all done. Making your workspace complete, you can add little personal items. Here you can see several globes and that awesome world map. Adding vintage pieces will always bring extra character to your working space. The thing you have to remember is that your working space has to inspire you and motives you to work in. So don't be afraid to add the personal and favorite touches.  What do you think of this working area? Do have a home office at home? How did you tackle the design? Let me know in the comments below.

source : image 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Lookouts

It's Friday..damn..the week went by so fast. It's crazy. I'm feeling really proud of myself this week, as I launch my small business this week with a cool offer and hopefully things will pick up. It isn't easy being your own boss, because sometimes you just want that steady paycheck, but then somebody says thank you for inspiring them or helping them and that gives me hope again and to keep fighting. So, lets get to the Friday Lookouts, shall we?

From top and then from left to right

1. This blog is now one of my favorites. Beside that it has a simple yet elegant layout, the content is also such much fun and inspiring. I'm sending some blog love today to GORJO DESIGNS. This is the website for Zoe's services and her blog. I found her in one of those blogging facebook groups and it has been such a pleasure exploring her blog. So...don't let me stop you...go on..go show her some love at GORJO DESIGNS.

2. The most visited post this week was : Fall centerpiece in the Caribbean. This was a little DIY. Refresh your memory here.

3. The perfect wedding shoes. Seriously!!

4. My favorite combo in an interior : wood, grey and white.

5. Styling with very less color. Ceramics plates.

7. I want one of these: One big cactus.

Here you go guys, you have some awesome links to check out. I wish you all a great Friday night and an awesome weekend. Adiosss!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 Ways to enjoy a Stay-at-Home Vacation

It's Thursday Travel people, but the budget is low and I need to save some cash to go on the next trip. Airfare can be so expensive sometimes. It's actually the biggest part of your savings that goes to airfare. When we say we have to save for a trip, usually that means the airfare. But don't worry, if a out-of-country trip isn't in the budget, a stay-at-home trip is always doable.  
Here are 3 ways to have a great trip at home.

local beach at the west side of Curacao 

1. Book a hotel.
I didn't mean really stay at home. To get some vacation feel, book a hotel or a rental home and enjoy some days away from home. If you book a hotel, you can have it including the breakfast as you want to have the total vacay feeling. But you can ask some friends to stay in a rental home (especially one against a beautiful coast line) and you can share the duty of making breakfast. If you have kids, I think this would be more fun and relaxing for them as they would have a garden to play in. You can also try a small boutique hotel in the center of the city. 

kura hulanda hotel in the center of Curacao downtown Otrobanda

2. Go out to dinner at a restaurant you haven't been yet.
I can remember one time I booked a hotel for the weekend as a surprise for my husband. I searched for some restaurants we haven't been yet and I found a very small cozy one. It was very delicious and we kept going after our little stay-at-home vacation. It's always fun if there's live music. You'll get dinner and show.

Pietermaai District in the center of Curacao downtown Punda

3. Go to museums, historic places, fairs or events.
If there is any cool fair or event in the days that you're taking your vacation, it would be great to include that also in your little trip. Or go to museums or art galleries. All those things will make you more aware of your own little culture in your backyard. It's funny that when you go to vacation in another county, you'll go to all those kind of stuff, but at home you haven't been to one. So seek some culture stuff to explore.

Abandon hospital at the east side of Curacao. It has become an attraction for photographers.

This was a little guide for things to do when the budget is low, but you still want to have a vacation. As they say: "There's no place like home"!! Have you ever had a stay-at-home vacation? Want did you do? Please share with me in the comments below.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall centerpiece in the Caribbean

The one thing I love about nature, is that in whatever state it might be it can be a very beautiful piece of art. The great thing I love about the countries that really have the fall season, is the color change of the leaves on the trees. I was saying to myself that I miss a sunny, very hot and sticky Caribbean weather, I got my color change leaves. Looking somewhat nicely at me and telling me to pick them up. That's what I did and the fall centerpiece enter my mind to place in my all white kitchen.

So, how to make a fall nature centerpiece in the Caribbean?

Easy!! All you need are the following:

- a glass round vase (or whatever glass vase you have)
- wine corks
- small pieces of nature
- dried leaves
- branches /twigs
- dried plants / flowers
- and whatever more plants or flower in a dried state you what to put into the piece.

First put the corks in the bottom of the vase. Then add the smaller pieces above them. These pieces are actually not from here. The leaf and little pine cones on a stick, I brought back from Holland (weird, just typing that) and those pine cones I have a while now. Those I brought back from the States and painted them white a while back. I added some dried up roses, that I picked up on the ground in a nursery last week.

Afterwards, just start to fill the vase with the rest. I put the colorful leaves next and then the branches/twigs, then the dried plants.To add something extra to the piece, I put the vase on 2 different colored wooden cutting boards. It lets the colors floats then perfectly together.

My vintage teapot and IKEA candle are there just to be in the picture. So, as you can see, you don't have to live in  countries where there is the fall season. We have the fall season here, just allot hotter and with more sun. But having a cool effect like this, is to let the plants and flowers dry up. And Voila!! Mother Nature has shut me up. It brings color to the all white kitchen.'

How do you like it? It's also great for a table setting. What would you have like to be done differently? Comment in the section below.

Photos taken by JenPEN Creative Studio

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Lookouts

It's Friday and I have some fun plans for the weekend. Do you have some great plans for the weekend? Well, before you rush off and be your awesome self for the weekend, lets take a look at today Friday Lookouts. 

From top and then from left to right

1. We're taking a look around in the blog world and popping up with this lovely blog of Adrianna called: East Eclectic. Last week we had Eclectic Emi, so we're keeping the flow this week again in the eclectic vibe. Her blog is all about living creatively and with the greatest intention. So if you ever feel a bit down, this blog will lift you right up. So go show her some bloglove at East Electic. Adrianna, I salute you! 

2. Want to know how to clean a vintage piece with kitchen essentials? Click here.

3. I love the pop of color on these shoes

4. Perfect color combination of copper, white, grey and wood. 

5. Awesome photo backdrop with all those mirrors and golden balloons.

6. The beauty of styling.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend..Adiossss :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to clean a vintage piece with kitchen essentials.

Vintage pieces are awesome for adding extra character in your home and office or to use as props in photo-shoots. But sometimes this pieces can be very dirty, so today I wanted to share with you how you can clean it up using kitchen essentials.

I got this beautiful bell from my uncle. He's got different pieces of art at home that he bought while traveling. The bell was the first thing my eyes were seeing and I kept playing with it. Eventually he told me I can keep it. That was ofcourse the goal!! But the pretty little thing was very dirty and you didn't see the shine of it. Here is one way to let it come back to it's glory. You'll need the following:

- one BRILLO pad (it's a steel wool soap pad)
- a cloth (to clean the piece and shine it up)
- a little cooking oil (this is to shine it afterwards)

 First you need to scrub the piece, in this case the bell, with the BRILLO pad until you don't see the dirt no more. You'll have to wash it a few times with water to clean it. You'll then see how much more you have to scrub. After you scrub (most) of the dirt off and you're satisfied with the look, dry the piece with the cloth. Then put a little cooking oil on the cloth. Shine up your piece and're done!! 

So if you have a metal piece that needs some shining, go buy your BRILLO pack and shine it up. It doesn't matter ofcourse which cooking oil you have. Just don't put allot of it. Just a bit to shine it. How do you like it? Have you ever done something like this? Do share in the comments below.

Photography & Styling by JenPen Creative Studio
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