Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Travel : New Zealand

Some good friends of ours are in Australia now for vacation and I'm really jealous. But because Thursday Travel went to Australia on two occasions, here and here, we heading more down under to New Zealand. When looking around for information of New Zealand, I couldn't imagine that there is so much to do and see. So take your fancy handbag of last week and your camera, cause we are going to shop and take some pictures for a great vacation scrapbook.

First, lets go in to this cute boutique, Match Box, that offers beautiful design of international and local artists. It's a great place for them to showcase their collections. I just love this showcase. Such a happy entrance to the store. Lets shop baby!!

Lets go take a bite at this great restaurant, Loretta. I would just go there to be amazed by the interior.
The interior was stripped bare to it's shell and textured, imperfect concrete walls were layered with contemporary light-colored timber furniture, warm leather banquette seating and rustic detailing.

And after doing some eating and shopping, what greater aspect is there to vacation to New Zealand than to see some beautiful, amazing scenery. As my husband loves the nature and as a photographer myself, this is a great view to get lost in. *Sigh* ... such a peaceful sight.

Late autumn in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

Where have you been lately? Do share.

source: MatchBox / Loretta / Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park
This beautiful picture is taking by Rob Suisted

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Pins Inspiration : Poufs or Ottomans

Hello fellow Monday dislikers. I'm here with you feeling the pain. I had a lovely weekend, some laziness, some working and some listing. Overall a great weekend. As we are doing some fixing at home, adding some new value to the home, I'm thinking to upholster my ottomans and my 2 fauteuils. I really love ottomans or poufs in a living-room or bedroom or just anywhere. So I went looking for some cute ottomans or poufs. How do you like these?

POOF! | Fairfield Countess
Puffy Poufs, by Aleksandra Gaca.  Je veux bien aussi...
Burlap XLarge Pouf/Ottoman by lovintagefinds on Etsy, $135.00
Love love LOVE every little detail about this room... And check out the knitted side table?!?! Perfect room for a day like today!

Check out my pinterest for more ideas.

Have a great day!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Weekend Action + Blog Love

It's Friday baby and the week might be over, but there will be some hard work pending for this weekend. But what the heck, it's my hard work and then when we see the results, it will be all worth it. But before I say "ADIOS Amigos", I wanted to share some love to different blogs every Friday from now on. I really love reading and seeing pictures of different blogs each day. It's so inspiring. So today I wanted to share the blog of Pauline Egge of Petite Passport. It's a great blog about traveling and the great hot spots to visit. I haven't seen the whole blog, but from what I've seen..I'm loving it!! (with JT tune in my head).

So go and get inspired and you go inspire somebody else this weekend, while being freaking...


Bon Wikent 
(Happy Weekend)

source: awesome

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creative Workspace : KNOED Creative

Wherever you work, the space needs to inspire you to be creative in your work and to let you get work done. One thing that for me is very important in a work space, is that everything needs to organized. Not so much when you working, but in an all-around mode. I love when the space is clean and organized. That is really shown in the working space of  KNOED CREATIVE, a branding and design studio. My favorite element of this space are those huge windows that brings the light in, making the space very open. Once again a white to white floor to wall concept in this space, making it bigger than it really is. The concept of Less is More is definitely shown here, but what more do you need?! Very industrial look but with the openness of the space, it's such a pretty space to look at. Two thumbs up for this space.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Tour : Shipping Container Style

So you're tired of cleaning the 3-bedroom house or appartment. It's to huge to handle, so you decide you want to live in a smaller space. Cause...heck yeah, it saves you money. But searching for a smaller apartment can be a pain, so why not think about other alternatives. How about living in a shipping container? I say Heck Yeah!! It's pretty awesome how they turn a container, that's so not attractive, to a beautiful liveable home. Some of them are even larger than a normal brick house. But in this case that you're downsizing your life style, lets check out some small creative beautiful container homes.

I'm not a big fan about the outside of this container home. I guess if they repainted it, it would be more flattering. BUT if we take a look inside...OH MY WOW. It's like huge (yes, I'm still looking to downsize in this concept), but it isn't. The white walls makes the space look bigger and it is in great contrast with the dark wooden flooring. It's a combination of 2 containers, making it a spacious but reasonable great living space.

This home I had yesterday on my inspirational pins to jump start my week. It's painted in one of my favorite color:Yellow. It's a small container, but up to 4 people can sleep in it. And you can't go yellow without going GREEN. The solar panels make use of the biggest "yellow": The Sun!! Making the energy bill go way down. So two thumbs for this yellow home.


Do we really need a lot of space to live? Actually no. Do you live in a small space but your inside is well organized that it seems very much spacious? Do share.

Source : Container home Blue  / Container home Yellow

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Pins Inspiration : Jump start the week Pins

Oh where, oh where did my long weekend go? It went by so quickly, that I'm kind of lost today. And I really don't like when it's a working Monday after a long weekend. I prefer a working Tuesday. So today I overdosed myself with several inspiration pins, to jump start my week with a creative vibe.

true story
Emma Hayes — River Wallpaper /Obsessed with this wallpaper
Jeanetta Brian's Incredible Shared Space Creative Workspace Tour | Apartment Therapy
Make nice things & get enough sleep
A tiny living space of 192 square-feet, though there’s room to sleep up to four. It’s also solar-powered and ultra-modern.
 Happy Monday...(positive thinking).

source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend view

Yesterday we had a day off on the island, so I'm enjoying a long weekend this week. Yesterday went by so quickly though. In the morning I went to see a new project to do (so excited for that one) and went of to the beach later that day to meet up with a group of people and then later that night went out out with one of our couple friends. So in one word yesterday was CHILL!!

Today is also packed, so I just wanted to share this picture I took of our beautiful Curacao. If you also have a long weekend like me, enjoy it to the fullest. Have a great fun weekend.