Monday, August 3, 2015

New Portfolio Page

Hi guys. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with good vibes. Can you believe it's August already? Time flies seriously.
But to start the week on a positive note, I would like to share with you my new portfolio page. I did some changes and added new items. Welcome to the revised

Don't forget to click on MENU in the upper left corner. There you'll find several icons that will lead you to my Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and ofcourse my BLOG.

So if you're in need for some creative vibes in your workspace, home or in need for some awesome styling and photography shots, you got a new address to knock on the door. For further information, send me an email at Hope to see an email from you soon. Have a lovely first August Monday.

Friday, July 31, 2015

FWA + Blog love

Today I've a very fun and beautiful blog to send some love to. You will be so inspired by her beautiful taken pictures. I like the name also of her blog. It's so easy to remember that it could be a crime if you forget it. Let's show some love to OH HEY! BLOG (seriously, don't you like the name?). The creative soul behind it is the lovely Megan and she's doing this all while still having a full-time job. It's crazy, but as you can see, so very possible to have an awesome blog. My dear Megan, I salute you. So everybody...go on..go OH HEY her on her blog.

And for this Friday Weekend Action I suggest you.....

That is always the way to begin something. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Have a good one!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Home Tour : Get the Look from Barcelona

I'm back with another "Get the Look", but this time we are getting the look from a very cozy studio in Barcelona, Spain. I found this studio while strolling on Airbnb and found it really simple, clean but still feels cozy. When traveling with two people (including yourself), you don't need lots of space. You would be more outdoors anyway. So let's take a look how we could get this easy look at home.

I love the way the outdoor patio is decorated. Super simple and it really brings me to ideas for my own patio at home. The wooden floor gives the outdoor a warm feeling. It's in contrast with the all white floor from the inside. By opening the curtains the warm feeling from the wooden floor will follow through inside. I love the neutral colors, the white and grey. Always a great combination.
To add some color into the space, try a colorful rug.

1. loungechair 2.table 3.chair 4.decorative lighting 5.sofa 6.table 7.chair 8.curtains 9.ceiling lamp 10. clock 11.wall-art 12.flat-woven colorful rug

How do you like the look? It's an easy and simple way to decorate. For a better look at the studio click here. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Latest pins

Sometimes you just have the urge to sit hours and pin all the cutest images ever. And that is kind of what I do when I'm staring in front of me. So instead to just glaze in thin air, I get on Pinterest and go crazy. These are my latest pins.

The Cross Street Project - Blissdream house interiors bathroom, giant bath, silver mirror

stylingInterior Craving: The New Bolia 2015 CollectionBeni Ouarain - Marokko - vintage berber - moroccan rug - interior

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Pinterest and Instagram are so my favorite spots to find inspiration online. Are you also into pinterest? What were your latest pins? Share your link in the comments section below.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Weekend Action + Bloglove

It's been a while that I gave some love to a blog out there. So today searching for one that inspired me I found this lovely and oh so inspiring blog which has the most beautiful styling photographs. I'm sending some love today to Sandra from Little Upside Down Cake. If you are into a blog that shows you beautiful pictures about styling and the beautiful city of Lisbon, I suggest you head over there asap.

And for your Friday Weeekend Action, I suggest you try something new, because....

Have a great weekend, guys!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Creative workspace : Desktop dress-up

They say before you start to work, always organize your desk area first and clean it up. You would have a better overview from all your stuff and can concentrate  much better when so. I do have a lot on my desk right, so this gave me a great reason to organize my stuff around and make it clearer.

Amazing look. I think that there is missing one detail, Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.Easy Ways to Decorate Your Office Space | The Legal Career Girl
4 | Kate Spade | Glam Decor | Gold Pink | Office Design | Workspace Ideas2 | Kate Spade | Glam Decor | Gold Pink | Office Design | Workspace Ideas
10 Things You Need to Know About Social MediaHow to Style a Desk 3 Ways: for the 18-year-old Student, the 20-something Post-grad, and the 30-something Career Woman

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

One thing they all have in common, is that there is a plant or flower on there desk. It really brings color and life to the desk. Did you like these ideas? How does your desktop looks like?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Orange Mood

I'm going to change the MPI concept a bit. Holly from Decor8 launch a very cool idea to post every Monday your mood board idea on Instagram with the hashtag #decor8monday. So I wanted to combine my lovely pins with the mood board I make. So today I have a orange mood. Orange is like yellow, a very happy color. So here below is my mood board for today.

I'm loving the pins I found in combination with my mood board. Lets start with the flower arrangement. I have a love for flowers, which I can't express to much, because my husband doesn't like the smell of flowers (weird man, I've said it once already). But the combination of the pink, yellow, green with the orange is so lovely. Second...beside the blue door that screams "I'm totally awesome", that painted wooden orange/white floor is so colorful and creative, you can't get bored in a space like that. Third...I'm ready for a party, aren't you?! Everyday is a celebration right?! The gold glitter rounds make the orange (and pink) stand out. Love it!! Fourth...what better way to bring color in your all white, basic color room by adding a huge painted or portrait with lots of color?! It pops up from the wall. 

spotted: workshops with fullosophie / sfgirlbybaygary mcbournie painted floor
Garland, Paper Garland in Blush Pink,Orange, Coral and Gold, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Party Decorations, Birthday Decor on Etsy, $4.50Title: Gypsy Sweet - BACK FROM GALLERY! This was just shown in gallery in Delray Beach, Florida and is now available for purchase here! This

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

So if you ever in need for some color, orange is really a happy color to bring into the space, If you are on instagram, don't forget to participate with the hashtag #decor8monday. Be inspired by others. That is always a good thing.

Check out my pinterest for more inspiration.
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