Friday, January 30, 2015

FWA & BlogLove

Before I shut everything down and go have a fabulous weekend, because who doesn't love the weekend at home, I wanted to give some blog love to this fantastic wedding photographer, Benj Haisch.  I found him on instagram and my jaw just dropped. Oh my god, this one is such an inspiration for me to be a better photographer. The locations where he's taking them and the angles how he's taking the pictures, you will be just as amazed as I was and still am. You have two full days and nights to be scrolling down to see all the pictures. Check him out here

And whatever you are going to do this weekend....


Have a good one!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blog Block

If you have a blog, do you ever wonder what to put on it? It's like every bloggers worries, I guess. My issue is that I would like to put more original content and put more of the pictures I've taken. But to be truly honest, my head is filled with ideas, but these days it's like there is a block. I can just stare for hours (and face-booking) at my laptop screen, without typing or doing nothing, because I'm totally blocked. It isn't always that easy and I don't really know how many or even who is really reading my blog. I started it as a challenge for myself and I'm still loving it. But my energy flow begins after midnight and if you have to start early in the morning for somebody else for 8 hours, it really breaks you down.

One good thing is to write the ideas on paper and eventually it will end up on your screen. So I'm just going to put some ideas out there that I have and I'm planning to do this year.
  • I started last year the YOB=Your Own Boss series and I had the pleasure to do 2 amazing posts. I'm having conversations with a few more people for this year and hopefully I can get some more amazing interview ready for you.
  • I'm going to shut down the Society 6 Shop, as I didn't sell anything and I don't really have the time to upload new stuff every time. So in a few days you won't be seeing the tap to the shop anymore.
  • To replace that, I'm working on a my portfolio page, which I display the work I do with JenPen Creative Studio. That is my small business, which I hope that I can take to be my full-time gig eventually (or sooner than later ofcourse).
  • A few weeks ago I did a post about assignments I'm doing for my at home course for interior designing. So you'll be seeing 23 more of them. For the first assignment I got an A+. How about that?!! Check it out here.
  • I need to change my picture at the About page. Got a new look so, I've got to be in 2015.
So, that about it for now. It takes allot to post everyday and it's a goal to keep that up also. Hope you have liked everything you've read on the blog and if you want to see some changes, please do share them with me.

Are you a blogger? Do you have these blog blocks or dips?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shop Tour : La Casa Azul

While on my vacation in Mexico last week, I was trying to find real authentic little shops with hand made items. While driving from our resort to Playa del Carmen, we passed this small little shop. It was just beside the road and if you have you eyes on the other side you'll just drive by this little gem of a shop. So when we passed back again to go back to the resort, I told my husband to turn around and go back. I'm so glad I did. This little gem is called "La Casa Azul" which means The Blue House. I had the pleasure to meet the lovely owner of the shop, Ximena.

You will find amazing handmade pieces from artists from Mexico City and from India.  A diversity of items, like blown glasses, tableware, table linen, pottery, furniture, copper, nickel or blown glass lamps, scarves, earrings, bags and so much more. You'll be amazed how much pretty there is.

I had to buy those green earrings. They also have two shops located at San Miguel de Allende in Guanajauto. So if you are going to travel to Cancun, drop by here. Ximena will be waiting for you with a big smile. La Casa Azul is located at the federal highway Cancun, just before you enter Playa del Carmen. What kind of shops have you seen on your trips?

Pictures taken by me!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : The Blues

I really had a lovely week last week at Mexico. We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, went out to Isla Mujeres on a catamaran, check out some ruins at Tulum, had a free upgrading from The Mayan Palace to The Grand Mayan, eat, drank and finished the week with an awesome Cirque du Soleil show called Joya that is only there to see. I've saw and met some unique people. It was really one of the best vacation I've had but must I say I really missed posting on the blog. So today no Monday Blues, just Monday Happiness. Today we going to seek out some blue in a room. I've painted two walls in my home a dark grey blue color and I've painted it again in our office (yes I know, picture will follow soon). So lets see how the blue will not give you the blues.

10x de kleur teal in huis 
I just love this blue (teal) wall color. The yellow chair just pops out and how amazing is this dresser. Just a lovely space, don't you think?
dark this blue I painted an entire wall a similar marine blue,  around two windows and a french door. It was perfect 

How do you like these Monday Blues? Just makes your week go blue with a smile. Do you have blue rooms in your home? For more ideas for The Blues in your home, check out my pinterest. 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Bloglove & FWA

It's almost weekend and I can finish packing and wait for tomorrow to go to my Mexico getaway. But before I say Adios and because I'm so much into a travelling mood, I would like to show some love to this amazing travelling blog called The Travelling Light. This is one cool freelancer doing her work and travelling the world to get some inspiration. This blog is also a great source to get inspired by some beautiful pictures. After you see her blog, you a ready to pack everything and move around. Go on, go travel on her blog.

And of course we have our FWA (Friday Weekend Action). What are you planning to do this weekend? Are you going to travel somewhere or just say home and enjoy some peace time? Whatever you do...

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Have a lovely weekend and I'll be seeing you back in about a week. Next week I'll take a week off  to enjoy my days off with my husband and our 5th wedding anniversary.
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Travel : Mexico

I'm a excited to jump into the plane this Saturday and to get out at Cancun, Mexico. I've been searching the internet like crazy to get an idea what to bring or what to do or what to expect. So many things and I really want to be careful with everything. Feels like I'm traveling for the first time again. I've read some good reviews, so I'm going with an open mind so I can enjoy my week. One little town that I really want to see is TULUM. I've read that it is a small town not far from Cancun and you can take a bus for like $3 or so. And everything is on walking distance. 

They say the best ruins are there. And look at that view? Isn't it amazing?


There is also a little perfumery at this small hotel with only 8 rooms called Coqui Coqui. It has been said that it is one of the best hotels there and you can have a great spa experience there also. That is really what we need right?! 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Flor de Michoacan1

When I see all the lovely pictures of food, I'm ready to dive in. I'm getting hungry.

As I already live on a beautiful island and beaches is what I can see on a daily basis (not that I do,  I barely go the beach), I really would like to see more of the culture of Mexico. So we are going to try to go more to the local places. We have one whole week and allot can be done. So lets pack our bags and make this Thursday Travel a real one.

Have you ever been to Cancun or Tulum in Mexico? Do you have some tips?

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Assignment 01: Change up a room

Last year I told you (here) that I'm taking an at home course about interior designing, just to boost up the creativity. my surprise (not really), I haven't done none of the assignments yet. It really isn't that easy to squeeze the studies between work, family, blogging and other activities in my life. So I decided to incorporate it into the blog. Every assignment is going to be a post on the blog. That's the only way I will finish it, as blogging is a part of daily life.

Ok, so the first assignment was to choose a room in your home and make a list of requirements (or program of requirements). I'm choosing our bedroom, as it is the only room that we need to repaint and reorganize again. I'm always reorganizing the rooms, as I can get bored easily with the setup of a room. Here below is the existing situation.

Ok, here is a list of requirements:
  • 1. Wallpaper on one side of the room. The wallpaper needs to have a design in it.
  • 2. Off-white curtains
  • 3. Extra closet space
  • 4. New color paint for the rest of the room
  • 5. Extra lighting for closet space
  • 6. Huge picture or piece of art hanging on the wall
  • 7. Less is more
My husband doesn't like clutter at all, so the room needs to be very LESS is MORE kind of feeling.

I've also need to list the problems that may occur in the space. Problem is a big word and I really don't have a problem in my bedroom. The only thing that I would have liked is a separate walk in closet. The funny is that, there was a walk in closet, but when building the home we changed up the layout a bit and walk in closet disappeared. We have a rectangle shape room, that leads now to our outdoor deck.

Some of the furniture that we already have, I would like to exchange with another piece of furniture that we have in another room. We already have a bed ofcourse that we bought 2 years ago. It's like a steel frame bed, so the only change that we might do to the bed frame is the color. But now we'll keep the color as it is (steel grey color). We also have the PAX closets from IKEA and I would like to add just one more, so I can take out the MALM 6 drawer dresser. I have a lovely new spot for that one elsewhere. The dresser is also from IKEA. The dresser is all white and the closet doors are also all white with mate glass incorporated and the closet itself is dark brown.

So I would like a combination of dark and light colors:
  • Dark brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Off-white
  • And color pops of orange
I have to make a mood-board and a new layout for the room. See below how the idea is planning out in my head.

1. Off-white curtains 2. The greyish/brownish with a pop a light orange wallpaper 2A. A huge canvas with lovely written words on it 3. Extra lighting for the closets 4. Lots of different pillows with pop of orange color 5. Extra closet space (PAX from Ikea) 6. Basket for storage (like pillows) 7. Color palette for the room (grey, dark brown, white/off-white, orange)

Here is the new layout.

The wallpaper will be on the side where the mirror is. With this layout, I can sit on my bed and see straight out through the door unto the deck. What do you think? The makeover pictures will take a while, as finding a wallpaper like that is going to be a hunt here on the island. But don't loose hope, because everything will come together.
Hope you like it. Do you have a space that you would like to change up? Send me an email and we can make some magic together.
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