Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bloggers Group Hug

Bloggers Group Hug was set up and introduced by this lovely young lady called Jasey Jade. When giving a hug to someone it's usually to give support or to unite or maybe you have some similarity with one another cause you love to hug. Well, that's kind of the idea of this. Lets Support, have Unity and maybe have some Similarity with each other when it comes to our blogging. When you join this circle of huggers, you'll get one word each week from little miss Jade. And you then have to post a little "essay" no more than 200 words about that word that you'll get from her. So this weeks word is : SOMEDAY.

When we were kids we always said: "Someday I'll travel the world or Someday I'll have my dream job". When we reach adulthood where did the Someday dreams go? Does it need to stop when we reach adulthood? Cause nowadays our someday seems so faraway. Someday I'll go to Bombay? Someday my day will always be Friday having vanilla & strawberry sundae dancing on Broadway singing hooray. Why not let our someday be nowadays?!!!!

What will you make from the word Someday? If you would like to join into the fun, just click here.

Simple Creative Workspace

Today I wanted to share a very simple but oh so pretty workspace. Some baskets for gift-wrapping paper. Those IKEA table legs give you extra storage space. Getting some inspiration by looking outside those windows. serene. Not to fancy but surely two thumbs up for this working space. Less is definitely more here.


source: cecilieslykke

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Discover: The Arts & Crafts Alley

If you ever on the island, you really have to go this one alley in Punda (our downtown). It's the alley with 3 great art and crafts stores: Nena Sanchez Gallery, Ecco Bambu & Serena's Art Factory. Nena Sanchez & Serena's Art Factory also got another location which has their studio and much greater and bigger gallery and it's a sure thing to visit.  Prepare yourself, 'cause this is going to be a long photo post. 

Lets start of with the lovely gallery of Nena Sanchez. As an interior decorator herself, Nena Sanchez decorated this small but spacious space in a way that you can feel yourself at home and imagining her art works in your home. Very clever idea ofcourse. You'll get an idea immediately what you can or cannot do with the art in your space. Her paintings are so colorful that it will be impossible to feel blue even if you live in some hole in Antarctica. Happy feelings all year long.  Visiting her studio and bigger gallery is a sure thing on my list. Her studio and gallery is located at the West side of the island.

Next up in the alley is Ecco Bambu. This little shop has handmade souvenirs and handmade decorations for your home and garden. The eco part of it all is that all of the decorations or souvenirs are made from pieces of the nature like driftwood and a fruit here on the island called Calabash. How about his creative workspace? Awesome!!

And last but not least, is the little store of Serena's Art Factory. Serena's Art Factory is famous for her Chichi sculptures. Chichi means big sister (as in the oldest sister) in our native language Papiamentu. These Chichis are made by the Berlin artist Serena Israel. The sculptures come in mini sizes and huge gigantic sizes. She also gives workshop where you can paint your own Chichi. Serena's Art Factory has her studio, gallery and shop located at the East side of the island.

So there you have it folks. Our art & craft alley. I wish they could do more of these kind of alleys in Punda. It will make downtown more alive and inspirational. Maybe Someday....And if you are planning to visit the island but don't know where this cute little alley is, just leave a comment below and you'll get the directions as easy as the ABC. 

All pictures are taken by me.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Street Art @ Dowtown Punda

Had me a kind of cray cray beginning of the weekend, which wasn't that fun. But eventually came to a peaceful point where I finally could enjoy my weekend. I did so by taking a stroll downtown and meeting new people on the street (actually in an amazing shop..more on that this week). Took my momma by the hand and we went walking in a district which is part of downtown Punda. It's now called the Pietermaai District. I really love this part of town. It was really crazy when I was kid. Wouldn't have recommend it then to take a stroll there. But's a great place to live, work, eat, stay or just hang around. So I took some pictures of the street art on some of the buildings that are still in a ruinous condition.

So, how was your weekend?

P.S. all the pictures are taken by me.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Weekend Action

What a week. So ready for some rest and some peace. Gonna buy some fresh flowers, go take some pictures of our lovely city and have fun. Next week is gonna be hectic again. Have a great flowery, relax, sleepy weekend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Work spaces Ideas

Lets get our groove on with some fantastic work spaces ideas. You can design your work space how every you would like. It's your space to get creative and get work done. Here are some great ideas to incorporate in your space and make it your own. So go on...go be creative in your work space.

Interior Junkie

Do you have a creative work space you would like to share? Just send me an email and your space will be posted on the blog.

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Home tour : Simply Elegant

I love colors in a home, but sometimes the color scheme of white and natural wood color can be also very peaceful. You may see some colors in the pillows, but they blend very well together as the colors are not bright colors. Bright colors wouldn't kill the mood either though. With all the raw wood elements, you kind of bringing the nature in your home and a great feeling that will bring.


 This beautiful home is from blogger Danielle from The Style Files and the photos are by photographer & stylist Paulina Arcklin.