Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Assignment 02: Name the materials

So I just turned in my second assignment and like assignment 01, I got an A+. I'm really happy and it keeps me on track to make more time to finish this course as soon as possible. The assignments are actually pretty do-able. I think it's because my daily 8-5 day job evolves around interior designing and architecture. I'm doing this course just to keep my creative flow going. So I wanted to share assignment number two with you today. 

The assignment was to pick a room in your home and name every material that is in that room. So I picked our kitchen, because I just love the simplicity of it. We have the less is more concept in our home, so except flowers, there is really nothing on the top. The only thing that I'm still searching for is a big clock (train station style) to hang against the wall.

So let me break it down for you:

the FLOOR:
The floor finish is a floor tile with a wood pattern. It's a ceramic tile with a 60x60 cm format. The structure of the floor itself is poured concrete with steel reinforcement ofcourse. The thickness of the floor is 12 cm and then with a finishing floor of 5 cm thick, floor tile included.

the WALLS:
The walls are constructed with 6" hollow cement blocks. The walls were plastered and then we put a layer of joint compound in order to make the walls even smoother to paint them over. We choose a light grey color form Valspar (I'm sorry, I really don't remember the color code). For the whole house, inside and out, we used only paint from Valspar. They really have a good quality.

The ceiling consists of wooden lath and plasterboard. The plasterboard is 12,5 mm thick. We added also a layer of joint compound to smooth the connection between the boards to eventually paint them all white (also white paint from Valspar). The ceiling was painted white to brighten up the space and make the ceiling look higher, as it's only 2,40 m high. To make the connection between the walls and the ceiling look perfect, we added a wooden (redwood) molding. The molding was sand downed and then painted them white (also with Valspar). 

The idea behind the windows was to have wooden look-a-like windows without really having the headache of the care of wooden windows. So we bought aluminium windows with wood color. It's so cool, because it's so easy to clean and maintain. And everybody at first glance really think that they are made of wood.
Instead of solid glass, we choose for shutters and I'm not big of having curtains all over the house. And it's a big window cleaning saver.

The kitchen cabinets are MDF, but the rest is particle board. We have no problem with it so far. No leaks no crisis. The top and back-splash are made of white corian (glacier white to be exact). We bought some stainless steel sinks from Ikea and the rest is all bought locally.

That was assignment number 2: Know the materials that the space is build from. As an interior designer it's a good fact to know this things before you go and change everything. 

Do you know the materials of your home? Did you build it yourself or renovated it? 
I would love to hear it from you in the comments below.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Dining tables

There are two things missing in my home, a sofa and a dining table with some awesome chairs. We don't really have a separate dining room, it's just an extension of the living area. I would like a table with a chunky wooden top. Maybe steel legs. Not to be big, just enough for 6 people can sit around it. A dining table will also be a great place to work sometimes, when I want to look outside and get inspiration from outside and feeling the wind coming through the windows. So I went searching for some inspiration. How do you like these?

The Alexandria Dining Table is made with a solid Elm wooden and timber top with black powder coated steel metal legs. Featured here are the log stools and Alexandria Dining Bench.
Solid wood....geometry of Nature.... #design #wood #precision
my favorite things by the style files, via Flickr

Eventually it's going to be a custom made dining table, as it would be difficult to find one exactly like I want. Which one did you prefer?

Check my pinterest for more inspiration.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

FWA & BlogLove

I'm happy for the weekend, because it has been a hell of a week. But before rushing off  to my lovely bed, it's that time again to share some love for a great blog out there. I found this one through Instagram. It seems that I'm going to be an Instagram addict. You get so much inspiration. But OK, going back, this blog has some beautiful photographs of some great interiors. The lovely lady, Heather, who's running this blog is also an interior designer, so that explains the beauty of this blog. So lets show some love to Her-Creative.

I hope you have some great plans for the weekend. Or are you just going to chill and stay in? Whatever you're planing to do just enjoy....

Early mornings, big shirts, messy hair, a book, and tea. 

Hmmm..I'm not really keen on the early mornings, but I'm surely down for the rest. Have a great weekend y'all.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creative Workspace : Winifred Paper

Today we are going to take a look into a very cheerful and girly office. This design studio belongs to Winifred Paper. Winifred Paper is a boutique design + letterpress studio that is based in Washington, D.C. They design and create stationary and paper for all lovely affairs. So if you need some great and unique wedding invitations, this is the place to be.

But beside the beautiful work they do, they also have a beautiful working space to get creative. I love that you get a reminder every morning "Love what you do" to see and get inspired. If you don't love it anymore, well it's time to see what made you love it in the first place, right?! 
The "naked" brick wall gives the space so much extra character.  It's a beautiful color palette they are using in the space: pink, gold, wood color, black and white. Making the white the dominate color, makes the space look very calm.

This space is getting two thumbs up from me. What do you love about the space? Would you like to go to work everyday there? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Moodboards

When decorating or designing a space, you'll always need the must haves from the person you are the designing the space for and ofcourse combining it with the ideas you bring to the table. A great way to display that is in a mood-board. So I went looking for some awesome looking ones.

Materials Girl

Fresh Bedroom Design
Chlapské na první pohled chladné ale zajímavé

I really love the ones that are gathered by real materials like the first one. Check my pinterest for more inspiration on mood-boards. Which one do you like? Have you ever made a mood-board or an inspirational board?

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Friday, February 20, 2015

FWA & BlogLove

I went yesterday to an open house of the new Co-working space that is just one minute away from the great Creative Lab Curacao I featured last year (see here). Start Up Curacao is doing a great thing by re-introducing a greater concept for working together as entrepreneurs. And after talking to some great people, I more determined now to pull my plans through. I'm the girl who always tries to make my dreams into plans and my can'ts into cans. So if you are like me, your Friday Weekend Action must be this...

kushandwizdom ♡

And we can't go into the weekend without showing some blog love here. Happy Interior Blog, the name says it all. This is one good looking blog and an great inspiration for all your interior desires, ideas and great looks at some awesome shops. This is one HIB (get it? *smiley face*) blog. You go check Igor's blog here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I'll see you next week here.
Bye - xoxo

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

B&W Workspace

Don't you love a clean black and white look for your working space? It's not my working space at home or at the office, because I do love me some colors, but these spaces are really beautiful to look at. I really love black and white photographs and when looking at B&W photographs it gives you a history of what you are looking at. The same feeling you can get when your working space is black and white. You are making your own little history. You are creating and designing in there. 

black and white industrial creative space. Kallax storage units

Black and white in combination with a wooden floor is a dream. You create a warm feeling when adding wood color pieces in the B&W decor. 

jielde lamp

Don't you love these? Do you prefer a B&W look for your working space or do you want to live it up with colors?

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