Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Vintage stores

It's Monday and I'm waking up with a dream very much alive in my head. I always wanted to have a vintage concept store. Something I always dreamed of having and maybe, just maybe, it might come true. There is something great to have a piece in your home that has a story behind it, don't you think? So I went pin-searching for  some inspiration for my dreamy dream shop.

create shelving closet at end of bed for guests? Use existing closet for linens, vacuum, craft supplies.♻ Upcycled: New Uses for Old Chairs great for a boutique clothes shop perhaps?
industrial shelvingndustrial rustic
Sign me up for all of it!  If I had a store of my own, I envision it to look something like this.Patina Vintage Rentals, Brooklyn | Rue

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The way they put all things together in these stores, is the thing I love most. So beautiful put together that you might feel like moving in. When traveling to Europe next month, I'm surely going to search for some stores like these. I might fall in love and never return to the island. Check out my Pinterest for more inspiration. Do you have the same love for vintage as me? Do you have one in your neighborhood? Do share in the comments below.

Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Yummy products shoot

Last month Marerly from It's Yummy asked me to take pictures of her products as she was launching her new online store for all her infused products. We met a few months ago and I had the pleasure doing an interview with for the blog. To get a mind refreshment, click here
I styled her products then also to get some awesome shots for the interview. She loved how I did it and asked me to do the same for her new online store. As her new online store has been up and running a few weeks, I wanted to share today with you some of the shots I made.

I really loved doing this shoot. I had a blast being creative with the products that she uses and it was great that she gave me the free hand to let my do my work. By doing this it opened a new door for me and I'm really loving this kind of shooting. Styling gives me a great way to be creative and lets my mind work in ways I didn't even know how. Go get a glimpse of the rest, check out It's Yummy online store.

I'm heading out to go have another shoot about products for the blind. I'm exciting for that one. So, I'm wishing you a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week. Byeee!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Creative Workspace : Homepolish NYC HQ

I love searching for creative working spaces around the globe. It always amazes me how creative people can be to let others feel at place when working for them. They put alot of thought and care and that blows my mind. So today I wanted to share the Homepolish Headquartes in New York City. They design interiors for homes & offices and also have a very inspiring magazine. I follow them on instagram and everyday I get an lovely image to drool over.

So lets take a look at where the magic before the magic happens. Without adding extra walls, they manage to create separate spaces. Keeping the open and airy feel of the space but adding private areas to lounge, dine or work.

To create conference rooms, they added these greenhouses. This idea saved them lots of money. They painted them white and've created a tiny village.  Such a creative idea.

This is a good lounge area. Loving those chesterfield look sofas. The big windows and high ceiling makes this space look larger and very airy. This is such a cool idea. They created a partition plant wall between the lounge area and office area. It's a great idea to have privacy but still don't feel locked up in a corner as the space keeps the open feeling. The greenery gives an extra touch of color also. Good idea!!

This is truly a great working space. Wouldn't mind waking up every morning to go to work here. I'm sold by those huge windows, because if you are stressed out for whatever, just take a glimpse outside and everything will feel okay. What do you think about this working space? Well they got two thumbs up from me.

For more pictures, please click here.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Yellow mood

For this Monday, I took the idea again to make a moodboard and match some lovely pins with it. I'm in a yellow mood this Monday. I really love the color yellow. It brings so much brightness in a room, especially if you have a monochrome mood in a room. So, I made a moodboard with yellow moments. Some fabrics, so yellow flowers and some images I've printed out from Pinterest that has a monochrome background but with pops of yellow.

How can we combine these colors to make it a beautiful space? See these pins below.

Yellow, Black & White - Living Room Ideas, Furniture & Designs (, white and yellow! (via DEREK SWALWELL) - my ideal home...
C o l o r / Interior designMarch edition of House Beautiful 2014 photography by SOOuK 'Small Talk' print from

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If you're a person that likes darker colors, then this is a great way to bring some color in your space without going overboard. So don't be afraid to add some sunshine in your room. For more inspiration, check out my Yellow board on Pinterest.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

6 Ways to have a Productive Workday at Home

When you are working from home, the toughest thing is to concentrate and be productive. It's so easy to sleep in longer, get up when you like and do whatever is in your way to do. So before I totally fall in that mood, here are some tips to get a productive workday after all at home.

It isn't easy to get up early if you are someone who likes to sleep in late and wake up late in the morning. I'm so guilty of that. That is the reason why I'm trying to get my 8 hours sleep and be more energized in the morning.

Making a schedule for the day helps you to get the work done that you have to get done. Sometimes you don't have a lot of work to do, so it's a great idea then to squeeze households chores in the schedule for the day. 

As I still don't have a dining table (my husband to blame..period!!), I tend to eat behind my laptop. I always began my day when I was working full time with a hot cup of tea and I still do that. It's so relaxing to start the day with a delicious cup of tea. 

Before diving into the work, it's a good thing to check your mails. Take your time to read and answer your mails. You will have that part done for the morning. 

Yessss...It will take over. Trust me, before you know it, you're 5 hours later and you'll just know who got married, got a baby or has moved.

I love working from home, but sometimes you are seeing yourself and nobody else. So it's a great way to get productive to get out of the house and go have lunch with some friends or clients. Also a great way to get some fresh air and check out what's going on out there.

Hope these tips will help you get more productive at home. Do you also have some tips for me? Please share them in the comment section below.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Black & White Moments

I'm starting this week with a healthy fruit morning and some Black & White Pins. Want to add some sophistication to your room? Well, go the black & white route. B&W will always add some mystery and it always has a clean look. B&W is also a great way to combine with very little color by adding wood color or greenery to the look.  A white room will always make your rooms seem bigger and adding then black pieces, makes the room come all together.

Black and whiteOffice.Source: Sadecor Så dukkede der endnu en lille, lækker bolig frem. Der er ikke meget plads at gøre godt...Black and White #interior #design
20 Inspire White And Black Living Room Designs15 of the best IKEA hacks ever | The Little Design Corner | Black and white | IKEA | Kids room

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How do you like these pins? Just lovely don't you think. For some extra pinspiration, go to my B&W board.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Weekend Action

Another week has passed and we are heading for the weekend. Do you have some great plans? I don't have anything planned really. That's also a great plan, to have nothing planned. So, for this Friday Weekend Action, I suggest you......

Many people will try to break you down if you're trying to make the best of your situation or if you're trying to be on your own or starting your own business. Keep your focus and work hard and eventually you will get there.

Wishing you a lovely weekend with lots of good weather and  love.
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