Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Weeken Action

It's Friday and I've got much stuff to do, so a good planning for this weekend is a good idea for me. I'm going to leave you with these words for this FWA.....

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Have a good one!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Travel : Cruise Essentials

In just a week, I'm taking a cruise with my husband and some friends of ours and I'm really looking forward for a week away. Like really, who doesn't love to travel and explore?! Even though I've been on a cruise before, this time I know what to except and I'm going to enjoy myself better. The first time we took a cruise was for our honeymoon and we couldn't enjoyed everything, for example the nightlife on the cruise. We we're tired and sleeping around 9 o'clock pm. It's pretty sad!! This time I'll try to wake up to see the ship arrive at a destination. That will be happening just once, because I really love my sleep in the morning. But what to pack for the cruise? Last year I did a post about travel essentials and I think this will be the basic for this trip also. 

So for your next cruise trip, it's easier to take clothes that you can wear twice and match together. Like a jeans easy to match with different colored tank-tops. It's also a great idea to keep the color slightly the same as you don't have to worry about totally mismatching.
I'm not so big on shorts, so I'll be throwing some dresses and skirts in the bags. Dresses are easy to wear and very airy. It's good to have a short if you're planning on doing some tour with lots of walking or climbing. Don't bring a shoe for every outfit. Just have 3 pair: (1) heels, (1) sandals (of flipflops) and (1) sneakers. I usually take my camera everywhere and use the camera bag to also storage small stuff. Only at night the camera will stay in the room. So then I'll be needing a small bag to carry my small stuff like lipstick, phone, money & creditcard. So it's a good thing to have a small purse for the evening. There will be an evening that you will have to dress up, but this time I think I'm going to wear a black fancy jumpsuit with some cool wedges, that you can match with other outfits. Don't forget to bring some scarfs to wrap around for a cool look or to keep you warm if you happen to have a chilly night. It's also great to have in the airplane with a sweater, as the air-conditioning are sometimes at coldest point. That reminds me to bring some socks also. I'm not a beach or pool person (weird for someone living on an island surrounded with beautiful beaches), but ofcourse bring your swimsuit.

jumpsuit - scarf & scarf - sandals - wedge heels - sneakers - bikini top & bottom - jeans - sweater- top - skirt - long dress - small bag

Having the right clothes is always important, right?! But here are some extra tips, that I didn't know the first time around.
1. Bring extra cash for drink and photos. They will be taking pictures of you every minute of the day and it's really very tempting to buy them all.So choose wisely or just buy them all. Drinks aren't included (besides OJ, Apple & lemon juice) on the Carnival Cruises, so it would be a good thing to have extra cash for that.
2. It depends which countries or islands you are visiting, you can check about the tours off board, as they can be less expensive then when you book them on board. But once again, it depends where you are going.
3. Make a copy of your passport and creditcards.
4. The best thing is to leave the cards you aren't going to use at home. Don't take your whole wallet on the trip, because you won't be needing every ID card in it. If by any chance you lose your wallet, you will be losing everything and that isn't a great feeling at all.
5. Don't forget to tip!!
6. Be friendly.

It's going to be a fun week with friends. Where is our next destination going to be? Do share in comments below.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creative Workspace : A Beautiful Mess Headquarters

Today I'm going to share the creative work space from two sisters that are the brains behind the awesome A Beautiful Mess blog. These two sisters, Elsie & Emma, are two very creative souls and  made their A Beautiful Mess Headquarters everything but a mess.

Let's take a look at the creative office of Elsie. The one thing that caught my eye immediately, was the half painted yellow door. How much of a statement can that be? Like a lot. Even though there are a lot of colors, it all matches great together with the white walls. The white walls lets the room be calm. Second thing that caught my eye, was that blue sofa. Loving it big time. It is also great to have one wall to use as your inspirational wall. If you don't want to tape stuff to the wall, you can always hang a wooden board and tape stuff on it.

Elsie Larson's Office Elsie Larson's Office
Elsie's Office     Elsie's Office

And take a look at their living space. I mean seriously, they have a living space in their ABM headquarters. The space is used for lunch break or if you need some quiet time to work. I love the earth and bit neutral colors in here. Some pops of color and the playful pattern of the rug, makes this a very cozy hangout space.

ABM living room makeoverABM living room makeover
Faux fireplace    ABM living room makeover

They have one room that is the total opposite of the other rooms. The walls in the other rooms are all white, making it look wider and more open. But for this room they chose to go all dark, making the walls black. This is their Styling Room. A place for storage and to make calls. The all-white retro table and chairs are really something to talk about. Love the colorful cushions on the chairs.

ABM prop storage and meeting roomABM prop storage and meeting room
ABM meeting roomABM prop storage and meeting room

This is one working space that you can't get bored or annoyed (only if you have annoying co-workers or boss, well then OK). How do you like this working space? Can you get some ideas for your working space? This headquarters get two thumbs from me.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Pins Inspiration : Black & Wood Interiors

Can you believe it's Monday already? Are you ready for a new week? To jump start your week, I'm going to inspire you with some Black & Wood interiors. The combination of the color black and the warm wood color brings a rustic feeling in the space, but also a warm cozy feeling. 

C R I B S U I T E #interior #design #KitchenI've pinned exposed-bulb pendants with messy black wiring several times before, but this application brings to mind an open plan dining/living room (maybe even entryway) that could share a web of minimal pendants as a chandelier and focal point. Love the black, leather, and rich worn wood surfaces, too.
the september issue / sfgirlbybay

What do you think, would you change your home with this color combination?

For more lovely interiors inspiration, check out my Pinterest.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Dream on..Dream away

Hi guys, thanks for passing by today on the blog. I haven't been around this week. My body wouldn't co-operate with me to sit in front of my laptop and be playful for the blog. I've been sinking in my own dreams and daydreaming these days that I drove myself crazy and putting myself down. If you think to much about something without putting actions behind it, it will slowly give you a depressed feeling.

But not having a dream, to eventually make it a goal, that will be much more frustrating in my opinion. Even if your dream is just a small one, when you finally make it come true, it's a great feeling to experience. So what are some of the things that keep me staring at the ceiling, the wall or the sky all day?

1. Think the first thing will always be fear of having a dream that nobody will understand or like. It is easy to think about something, than actually do what you are thinking. But than again, it's my dream and if I love dreaming about it, somebody out there will eventually love it too. Don't let your beautiful dream become a nightmare.
2. Second thing is really just  to make the dream a reality. I mean, we can't keep living in a dream world. That would be awesome by the way.

I can easily support someone with their idea or dream, but when it comes to supporting my idea or dream, I second guess myself so much it can be annoying. So it's a great thing to visits workshops, training days or whatever to keep your spirit up about your plan or dream. And taking a vacation to places that will also boost your creativity. That is always a plus for me :)

So for your Friday Weekend Action, I will ask you to Dream on...Dream away (with the Color Me Bad song tune in your head). Have a lovely one!!

Psst...picture is taken by me with my Iphone

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day Trip Curacao

Hi guys. It's Thursday Travel and we are going to stay on the island. I'm going to do a series once a month about a day trip on Curacao. So you can get a feel and look where I've spent my last almost 11 years and met and married my crazy husband.

Last weekend, I had myself to myself. My husband went on a short trip and so I got a bit of a ME-time. I took myself to the movies, went to a festival with a friend and just took a day to wander around the city. Didn't do much, even though I planned to a lot. I'm catching up back this week as today is also a national day off. 

These images are all around in downtown. Lots of drawings on the walls, making the place more colorful. Hope you liked a piece of my island. I'm going to take off here to go to the beach and enjoy the rest of my day. Till the next adventure :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creative Workspace : Green in the room

Ok, just to be clear I love plants and flowers, but I really do have a problem keeping them alive. I think I water them to much or maybe it's vice versa. Flowers are easier to maintain in my opinion, but my husband has a problem with the flower scent. Strange man, I know right?! So I have just dead plants or flowers that dried up. But I'm going to work on it to keep them alive and get extra life in the house, especially the working area. 

Repurpose a small nook in your home as your workspace. For more inspirations, go to www.designisyay.comColorful art room transformation (before + after!)


I love the idea of a big plant in a cute basket, but as you can see above you can combine small plants together on a tray also to give your desk some green. And if you have plenty space to share around, it will be also a good idea to have big and small plants to complete your greenery in your space. How does your green play in your working space?

source : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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